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Poetry on the plate

While strolling through the old town, where the greatest Slovenian poet France Prešeren worked, a poetry takes place opposite this house in the pedestrian zone, this time on a plate. A team of experienced chefs will prepare dishes for you with a touch of French cuisine, but the ingredients are carefully selected and exclusively of Slovenian origin.

From Monday to Saturday we will prepare a high-quality lunch for you, consisting of three courses (soup, main course + salad, dessert). Lunch consists of three menus, meat, seafood and various vegetarian dishes. Soups and desserts are homemade every day.

On the menu this week:

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This week


Daily soup 2,7€
Beef with leeks, soya and homemade buckwheat pourings, salad 9.5€
Fregole with pumpkin and shrimps 9,5€
Buckwheat porridge with grilled vegetables and young cheese, salad 9,5€
Daily dessert 2,8€


Daily soup 2,7€
Chicken taqitos with vegetables and fried potatoes, cheddar cheese, salad 9.5€
Fried white fish on spaghetti with tomatoes, salad 9,5€
Vegetable tortilla, crispy fries and house sauce, salad 9,5€
Daily dessert 2,8€


Daily soup 2,7€
Beef tagliata and risotto with black truffles, salad 9.5€
Grilled sea bass fillet, creamy zucchini and mashed potatoes, salad 9,5€
Curry with chickpeas, vegetables and rice, salad 9,5€
Daily dessert 2,8€


Daily soup 2,7€
Rabbit liver with caramelized onions and creamy polenta, salad 9,5€
Salmon with sesame, rice noodles with vegetables, salad 9,5€
Tagliatelle with wild mushrooms, salad 9,5€
Daily dessert 2,8€


Daily soup 2,7€
Stuffed chicken thigh, green beans and mashed potatoes, salad 9,5€
Grilled Zander fillet, creamed spinach with potatoes, salad 9,5€
Gratin stuffed zucchini and fried potatoes, salad 9,5€
Daily dessert 2,8€

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